What We're Doing

The idea behind this website is to fund our dream of helping a rescue horse (or if it really takes off, multiple horses!). We simply need to cover the horse's expenses. If we can do that, then we will find a horse who needs help, take him or her on, and put time into healing, socializing, training, etc. When the horse is ready, we will help look for the perfect forever home.


We know this is a big undertaking and you might have some questions for us.

How will purchases on this site fund our rescue efforts?

We are able to acquire the products that we sell on our For All Horse Lovers page at wholesale prices and ship them for low rates. This allows a significant portion of each purchase to go towards funding our rescue efforts.


When items are purchased on Amazon after a link is clicked on our Tack and Equipment page, we earn a commission through Amazon's affiliate program. That commission then also goes towards funding our rescue efforts. Meanwhile, you as the buyer pay Amazon's regular price for the items. There is no markup. Everyone wins!


What if we make some money but not enough to take on a horse?


If this happens and we end this project without making enough to take on a horse ourselves, we will donate whatever we have made to SAFE Horse Rescue (https://www.safehorses.org). So, rest assured that any money you contribute through purchases or donations will go to helping horses in need regardless of whether we reach our goal.

How will you know whether we're successful/what we're doing with the money we make?

If we do wind up making enough money to support a horse, we will be posting updates on this site, including photos and videos so that you can follow our horse's progress and take part in the journey with us!

If you would like to be a part of this journey, please take a moment to explore the site, and spread the word to your friends as well!

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