Our Favorite Horse Products!

Check out these products that we love to use around the barn! Restock your essentials or try out some new equipment. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and that money goes towards supporting our rescue efforts! Meanwhile, you pay the same amount you would normally pay on Amazon. No extra fees or charges added! Win-win!

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COWBOY MAGIC DETANGLER AND SHINE: Nothing detangles quite as well as cowboy magic! I never brush tails unless I wash them first and then douse them in cowboy magic!

JELLY SCRUBBER: These are my favorite curry comb. They're soft and tend to be better-received by sensitive horses than stiffer curries. I love that I can feel the horse through it and follow the contours of the body.

SHOW SHEEN: Show sheen is great when you need that extra shine for an event or to help keep dirt from sticking when you need your horse to stay clean. It is also an essential when body clipping to help the clippers slide through the hair as smoothly as possible.

EzALL TOTAL BODY WASH: This spray makes bath time so easy! It does a great job too! I've gotten horses show-ready with this product. Just spray on and rinse off!


Around the Barn


HEATED BUCKETS: When Kathryn had horses at home growing up, these buckets were a lifesaver in the winter! Warm water keeps horses drinking better in cold weather, and it's so nice not having to break ice every day!

MOISTURE ABSORBING BAGS: No one likes moldy tack, and these bags help pull moisture out of the air in our tack room to keep tack safe and dry! Great for trailer tack rooms too!

GERMAN HORSE MUFFINS: Horses love these treats! They're also really helpful to have around for anytime someone needs to take a pill! They'll gobble down just about anything stuck into one of these, and the treats are nice and soft and easy to push pills into.

HOOF TESTERS: When a horse comes up lame, it can be really helpful to determine whether it's a foot issue (abscess, etc), or whether something else is going on. Having a pair of hoof testers handy in the barn can save a call to your vet and/or farrier!




HORZE BELL BOOTS: These bell boots are a great deal, and the soft, comfortable material they're made of protects the horses without tending to cause rubs. Also, if you turn them upside down they're amazing for protecting abrasions on fetlocks!

HORZE SILENT RIDING BONNET: This noise-reducing ear bonnet makes a big difference for reactive horses. It holds up well too even though it's cheaper than many other brands.

ACAVALLO GEL PAD: These pads are great for providing some extra shock absorption while being thin enough to not overly affect saddle fit on a well-fitting saddle. The material they're made from also helps prevent excessive movement and slipping of the saddle.

WINTEC ISABELL DRESSAGE SADDLE: These saddles are comfortable and customizable! You can swap out different knee blocks to adjust rider comfort and adjust the gullet size to fit them to many different horses!




WEATHERBEETA RAIN SHEET: This blanket seems to fit numerous horses well, doesn't cause much rubbing out of the mane, and we love that the neck portion is detachable to give it more flexibility for different weather.

WEATHERBEETA MID-WEIGHT: This blanket seems to fit numerous horses well, doesn't cause much rubbing out of the mane, and we love that the neck portion is detachable to give it more flexibility for different weather.

WEATHERBEETA HEAVY WEIGHT: This blanket seems to fit numerous horses well, doesn't cause much rubbing out of the mane, and we love that the neck portion is detachable to give it more flexibility for different weather.




ALUSHIELD: This product is perfect to cover and protect small cuts. It's like the equine version of a band aid. It coats a wound and keeps it clean while it heals. A must have for every first aid kit!

VETRICYN: Great topical product for wounds. Helps prevent infection and really seems to speed up healing!

EPSOM POULTICE: This makes dealing with abscesses so much easier! Instead of soaking, we just pack some of this into a wrap around the foot, and the poultice works just like soaking would to draw the abscess out!

VET WRAP: No first aid kit is complete without vet wrap! Vital for making bandages, keeping wounds clean, wrapping hooves, etc. We always have a few rolls on hand and we go through it fast. When you need it it's important to have it available!




FINNTACK ICE BOOT: Because these boots have lots of small frozen ice sections, they wrap around the leg well and disperse cold well over the whole surface of the leg.

EASYCARE CLOUD HOOF BOOT: These boots are great to have around for times a horse throws a shoe or has an abscess and needs to be wrapped. They protect the hoof and stay on well too!

NO BOW STANDING WRAPS: Standing wraps are important to have on-hand for emergencies to deal with swollen legs. We like no-bow wraps to reduce the risk of injury from the wrap itself.


Fly Control


BRONCO FLY SPRAY: The more expensive fly sprays never seem to last as long as they claim, especially for the horses I exercise in the summer and hose sweat off of regularly, so I just stick with the cheaper stuff and apply daily.

RESCUE FLY TRAPS: It's amazing how many flies these traps catch! Super effective! They do smell though, so put them in an out-of-the-way spot. Near the manure pile works great!

SWAT CREAM: Some horses just seem to get eaten alive, especially on their underbellies and sheath/udder areas. This cream is a lifesaver for helping to repel flies from these sensitive areas and give the horses some relief!

FLY EXTERMINATORS: These small bugs are parasites to flies, seeking out fly larvae and killing the fly in its larval stage as it completes its own life cycle. They really help cut down on the fly population!


Supplements & Medications*


*Please Note: We recommend consulting with your veterinarian or a nutritionist before starting your horse on any new supplements or medications.

FARRIER'S FORMULA: The farriers we've talked to say that more than any other product, this one really makes a difference in strengthening hooves. It can take a few months to really see the effect, so be patient, but it works! (Original or Double Strength Available)

NANO-E: Vitamin E is important for horses in a wide variety of ways including immune function, cardiovascular health, neuromuscular systems, and reproductive functions. Horses cannot make it themselves, and it is pretty much always deficient in hay. Nano-E is a source of natural Vitamin E, which is more bio available to the horse than some forms in other supplements.

ULCER GARD: Ulcers are more common in horses than a lot of people realize, and they can cause a lot of discomfort and performance issues! Stress and traveling can contribute to ulcers. We use ulcer gard as a preventative measure before, during, and after every trip our horses take.

EO3: This oil from Kentucky Equine Research provides a quality source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular and reproductive health, reduce allergic sensitivities, and improve glucose tolerance.


Riding Wear


HEATED VEST: This vest makes a HUGE difference to keep you warm in the winter. Totally worth it! Easy to operate, even in gloves, and it's lightweight and comfortable to wear too!

RUBBER SPUR STRAPS: Ever have a problem with spurs sliding down your boots? Because these are rubber, they can be tightened more snugly than regular leather straps, to help spurs stay in place better. They're also soft on the leather of the boots themselves and seem to cause less rubbing damage than leather straps.

HERITAGE GLOVES: These gloves are comfortable, provide a good grip on the reins, and hold up well to lots of use!


Safety Gear


HIT-AIR VEST: If you fall off while wearing this vest, the pressurized air cartridge inside instantly fills it with air, giving protection to your torso, neck, and hips, helping prevent injury. As an added bonus, wearing it can give a strong boost to your confidence in the saddle, helping you to be more relaxed for your horse.

TIPPERARY HELMET: We love this helmet because it's reasonably priced, breathes well even in the summer, reaches down farther in the back than many helmets for added protection, and has an attractive profile.

HINGED STIRRUPS: The outer branch of these stirrups contains a hinge that is designed to open if your foot was trapped. They offer additional peace of mind while still having a traditional appearance.




AUTO FLIP-UP TRAILER JACK: This jack makes hitching and unhitching so much easier! As you crank it up to hitch, the foot folds up horizontally underneath the trailer automatically. As you crank it down to park it flips down on its own. Its height greatly reduces the number of times that you have to crank and speeds up the hitching process.

ADJUSTABLE HITCH: This helps make sure your trailer rides as level as possible. Also it makes a truck compatible with more trailers. This saved Kathryn once in an emergency when she had to borrow a trailer to take a horse to the hospital. Make sure ball and hitch sizes and tow capacity are correct!

HORSE TRAILER CAMERA: Being able to keep an eye on the horses in a trailer offers incredible peace of mind while on the road. A lot can happen that we might not hear or feel, and being able to see it allows us to stop and deal with any problems as quickly as possible to minimize injuries or stress.

TRAILER CAUTION SIGNS: Looking for some extra understanding from other drivers while hauling? Hopefully putting one of these signs on the back of your trailer will help!




PIXIO MOVE N SEE: We love this system for videoing rides and working sessions with the horses! The robot unit that the camera is mounted on automatically tracks you and your movement using a wristband that you wear.

CEECOACH RADIOS: Kathryn uses these radios in her dressage coaching. They facilitate easier communication between her and her students across the arena at home and at shows!

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