Who We Are


Kathryn started riding and fell in love with horses at the age of six. She participated in 4H and then later in intercollegiate dressage. After college, she did a working student program with AP Dressage and then built her own training business. Eventually, she found her way to Sky River Equestrian Center in Sultan, WA, which is the current base of her training operations.

You can learn more about Kathryn Christensen Dressage here: www.kathryndressage.com

Recently, Kathryn was talking with a friend who rescued a horse, and she found herself inspired to do the same. Though Kathryn has the experience and energy to pour into a rescue project, she needed to find some funding. Wheels started turning in her head, forming a plan, and this website was born.

Learn more about this website and our goals here: What We're Doing


Janice is Kathryn's groom and assistant. She also fell for horses at an early age and earned rides by working at a local stable as a teenager.

She pours her heart and soul into the horses. She meticulously makes sure that every horse is spotlessly clean, has all their proper feed and medications, and gets all the special love and attention that they deserve.

Janice is really excited to partner with Kathryn on this project of taking on a rescue horse, and Kathryn is so happy to have her enthusiasm and passion. Any horse we get will be lucky to have her care and attention.

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